BizTalk Project Naming Conventions

Company Companyname of customer or trading partner sunmuc (Sunato Munich) Six character abbreviation
BizTalk BizTalk bt Two character abbreviation
Mainprocess Business definition of mainprocess lo (Logistics) Two character abbreviation
Subprocess Business definition of subprocess md (Masterdata) Two character abbreviation
ESB Enterprise Service Bus esb Three character abbreviation
Entity Name of entity application, system, customer, vendor, etc. dax (Dynamics AX) Three character abbreviation

Outside of ESB projects add "esb_" prefix to declaration of messages, shapes, ports, etc. if referencing an esb item

Inside of ESB projects there is never a reference to an entity project.



Target Namespace (will be automatically generated when you follow the naming conventions)

Format & Sample ESB

Format & Sample Entity





Messages msg_ msg_(esb_)invoice_in Prefix_SchemaName (without version)
Receive Shape rec_ rec_(esb_)invoice_in Prefix_SchemaName (without version)
Send Shape snd_ snd_(esb_)invoice_out Prefix_SchemaName (without version)
Construct Message Shape cst_ cst_msg_(esb_)invoice_out Prefix_MessageName
Transform Message Shape tsf_ tsf_invoice_10_out_to_(esb_)invoice_10_in Prefix_SourceSchemaName_to_DestinationSchemaName
Assign Message Shape asg_ asg_msg_(esb_)invoice_10_out Prefix_MessageName
Receive Port
(Binding != Direct)
rp_ rp_invoice_in Prefix_SchemaName (without Version)
Send Port
(Binding != Direct)
sp_ sp_invoice_out Prefix_SchemaName (without version)
Receive-Send Port
(Binding != Direct)
rsp_ rsp_invoice_query Prefix_SchemaName (without Version & Direction)
Send-Receive Port
(Binding != Direct)
srp_ srp_invoice_query Prefix_SchemaName (without Version & Direction)
Receive Port
(Binding == Direct)
rp_dmb_ rp_dmb_(esb_)invoice_in Prefix_dmb_SchemaName (without version)
Send Port
(Binding == Direct)
sp_dmb_ sp_dmb_(esb_)invoice_out Prefix_dmb_SchemaName (without version)
Receive-Send Port
(Binding == Direct)
rsp_dmb_ rsp_dmb_(esb_)invoice_query Prefix_dmb_SchemaName (without Version & Direction)
Send-Receive Port
(Binding == Direct)
srp_dmb_ srp_dmb_(esb_)invoice_query Prefix_dmb_SchemaName (without Version & Direction)
Porttype Entity pt_ pt_invoice_in Prefix_SchemaName (without version)
Porttype ESB pt_esb_ pt_esb_invoice_in Prefix_esb_SchemaName (without version)
Operation op_ op_invoice Prefix_SchemaName (without Version & Direction)
Multi-Part Message Type mpt_ mpt_invoice_in Prefix_SchemaName (without Version)
Message Part mp_ mp_invoice_10_in Prefix_SchemaName

Physical Ports

Send Port sp_lo_md_invoice_out_dax sp_Mainprocess_Subprocess_Function_Direction_Entity
Receive Port rp_lo_md_general_in_dax rp_Mainprocess_Subprocess_Function_Direction_Entity
Receive Location rl_lo_md_article_in_dax rl_Mainprocess_Subprocess_Function_Direction_Entity
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