Domain Groups & Users

15 October 2017

Information about domain groups and user accounts used in an integration environment. BizTalk Server supports domain group and user accounts in both single and multiple computer configurations.

BizTalk & SQL Server

06 August 2017

BizTalk requires a high-performance and cleanly configured SQL Server to take full advantage of its potential. Here I would like to provide some of my experiences and small tools for you

Integration Project Pre-Development Documentation

04 March 2017

This article describes how to use the documentation templates for Visio 2016.

Configuring IIS SMTP Relay with Office 365 Account

19 September 2017

For my developer machines, I need a smtp server to test logging, monitoring and notification for the inSyca Suite.

Iwe Kardum

Iwe Kardum

Munich – Germany

As BizTalk Consultant I'm also available for training, assessments or implementing any BizTalk project.

Call or send me an email if you have any questions.
+49 (89) 2154 6094


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