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inSyca Suite

because collecting data is a hard enough job...

All in a nutshell

Templates, Monitoring, Scripts, Components, Documentation, Deployment...

Incredibly quick and agile

Increase your productivity, automate reccuring tasks and decrease efforts

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The inSyca Integration Suite for BizTalk, Azure and MSSQL

is my Toolbox for BizTalk integration, SQL Database and Azure projects.

Since in most cases I do the projects at customers site, I needed a quick setup for starting development of integration processes. So in this package I assembled all informations, sources, components etc. to use them without deploying everything separately. Feel free to use or modify anything provided for educational, private and commercial use. I'm open to requests, criticism and feedback, but don't expect an answer immediatly. Post a message and I try to respond as soon as possible.

GitHub Project

I'm constantly working on the toolbox, so visit the GitHub project for deeper insight in the source code
The sources lacks documentation yet but if you are familiar with C# you will have no problem to identify the parts you want to inspect or modify.